Do I Believe God Will Heal My Autistic Son?

Do I Believe God Will Heal My Autistic Son?

Do I Believe God Will Heal My Autistic Son?


This is a question may of us have been asked, but do we believe it?  Will God give us a miracle?  Yes He will! He does it every day.

Today as I was taking a shower, Robert came to the door yelling “Mamma, the button on my navy blue shorts is broken!”  I of course told him to change into a new pair of shorts.  Simple, right?

Then God reminded me of a conversation I had with the ladies in my prayer/bible study group a couple of weeks ago.  The question was brought up, “Do I have faith that God will heal Robert of his Autism?”  And I answered, “Yes, I do.   I see his healing every day.”

Today was a perfect example of that because 30 years ago, Robert could not wear pants with buttons or zippers because he didn’t know how to work them.   And 25 years ago, he would have just screamed at me and I would have had to play the guessing game of “what is wrong now?” to try and figure out why he was screaming and flapping his hands because he didn’t talk.  Then 15 years ago, he would have just worn the broken shorts until I noticed them in the laundry because he still didn’t understand how to tell someone when something was wrong.  But today, at age 39, he said in a complete sentence, that anyone could understand, “Mamma, the button is broken on my navy blue shorts!”

Do I believe God will heal Robert of his Autism?  Yes I do!

He has been doing it little by little every day for the past 39 years.

Is He doing it the way I think it should be done?  No, if I had my way, Robert would be 100% right now.  But what I do understand is that maybe what is going on with Robert’s healing is not just for Robert, but also for me.

Would I be the same woman I am today if God had healed Robert all those years ago when I first asked?

Would I have the same compassion for others?

Would I have the patience I have with tough situations?

Would I have the strength to go through the fires I’ve had to walk through, if I hadn’t gone through the challenges I have gone through with Robert?

Would my other children be the men and women they are today?

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