As a young Christian who had given his heart to Jesus through a television ministry I didn’t know a lot about the bible but I believed that God could do anything.  I wasn’t going to church.  I was 35 years old and had never been married.  One evening I sat down on the floor of my home and began to talk to God.  I made a bargain with Him.  I said, “If you will help me to be financially secure (find me a good job) and give me a wife I’ll do anything you want.  I didn’t ask to be rich.  I just didn’t want to have to worry about money as I worked construction at the time and jobs were scarce.  I didn’t realize it but my life was about to change.  When this dream occurred I was now in a church being pastored by a great teacher.  I had gotten a job at a local chemical plant as a contractor where I had worked before.  God was promoting me as was now a General Foreman.

In this dream I found myself fishing inside a large aquarium.  I was inside the water casting my rod and reel from one side of the tank to the other.  I remember having a yellow lure on my line but I wasn’t catching anything and I could see that there weren’t any fish in the water.  All of sudden a woman grabbed the lure and I reeled her in.  We were looking at each other face to face and she was very pretty.  However, when I woke up the only physical attribute that I remembered about her was that she had freckles.  This ended the dream

I logged this dream in my make shift diary and dated it.  It was March 27th, 1994.  If you get a dream that you suspect is from God you need to date it.  You will understand why at the end of these notes.  As time went on I dated a few girls but I didn’t have any feelings for them nor they for me, other than being friends.  During the next three years I was looking for my ‘whosoever’.  I went on a medical mission trip to Sri Lanka which is off the coast of India.  When we were getting ready to come home I bought some things for my future wife from a local jewelry store.  This consisted of a ring and some costume jewelry.  It wasn’t a wedding ring but it would make a nice gift.  I still had no idea who she was so I wrote a letter to my ‘whosoever’, addressed it to Mrs. James Vitek, and mailed it to myself.  When I got home the letter was waiting for me at the post office.  I placed the letter in a Safety Deposit Box at my local bank along with the gifts that I had bought from Sri Lanka.  It was one of the smartest moves I have ever made.

Finally, my pastor asked a ‘friend’ and I to start a ‘singles club’ that would be sanctioned by the church.  She and I were already helping with the teenagers at the church on Wednesday nights and were good friends.  We started dating and one night I proposed to her and she accepted.  When I got back home that night I found the notes with the dream that I had about my wife.  As I was reading the dream to her it on the phone it dawned on me that it was March 27thThree years to the day that I had the dream about my wife.  Oh, by the way, she has freckles.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Joni and I were married on August 23, 1997.  On our honeymoon I gave her the letter along with the ring I had bought from Sri Lanka. It was on the 25th which was her birthday.  I figured I would have to get the ringed sized but guess what?  It fit her hand perfectly.  Imagine that.  How many husbands can honestly say that they married the woman of their dreams?  I can.  You have only heard one side of the story.  Joni has her own testimony of how God put us together.  Maybe we will bring it up later.

I write this article as a testimony to show you that God speaks to very ordinary people through dreams.   Ask God to give you a dream or better yet ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you.  Get in a quiet place and wait on the Lord.  You will never regret it.  I’m living proof.