I write this for Christians, especially new to the ‘Body of Christ’ to help them to walk away from the sin or sins of their past and become grounded in God’s Word or the bible.

When I became a Christian I found that while I had a ‘Heart change’ I was still struggling with my flesh.  My flesh still wanted to drink Jack Daniels, smoke a little pot and hang out with my friends who did the same thing.  While I was able to put down most of these temptations I struggled to keep from sliding back to my old ways.  If you will read the rest of this message I will explain in detail the way to put the flesh in check and as the bible says, There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus,”who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit”.  (Ro 8:1) It won’t be an instant fix but it will help you to stand up to the devil and walk away from these temptations.

Understand that we are a ‘three part’ being; spirit, soul and body (flesh).  When you accept Jesus as Lord and become ‘Born Again’ the bible tells us we become a ‘new creature’ (2 Co 5:17).  The ‘creature’ that it talks about is our spirit.  Your flesh does not change when you get saved and if anything it wants to sin even more.  So the question arises, “How do I stop it?”  I was 35 years old when I gave my heart to Jesus and I went from enjoying, “playing with the devil”, to hating every minute of it.  I no longer liked to drink or do drugs or a few other unmentionables.  We as Christians call it “struggling”.  The good news is that I had good mentors at the church I attended and was able to get on a course that began to renew my mind (soul) with the Word of God and this helped me to resist the temptations to slide back into sin again (Romans 12:1-2).  In Hebrews 4:12 it says that the Word of God is “living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  The bible is not just a book on how to live your life, it will change the way you think.  Think about this.  When you listen to the radio and you find a song that you like, hopefully a Christian song, you will catch yourself playing this song over in your mind like a broken record.  Your mind is like a sponge and it soaks up everything it can hear, see, or smell.  This is why you need to turn the TV and smartphone off and get into God’s Word and let it begin to renew your mind.  My mentors did not go into the details I am telling you but because I was so desperate I was willing to do anything to hold back the sin nature of my flesh.  Remember, your flesh will not go away and will try to lead you down the wrong path until you die.  But you do not have to live in torment.  Waking up in the middle of the night to a dream that’s pushing you toward a mixed drink from that bottle of Jack Daniels or couple of drags on a reefer falls into the line of torment.  This was happening to me.  If you suffer from insomnia you better be paying attention too.

So here is the course of action that will put you on a path to that peace that surpasses all understanding that the bible talks about.

Find new friends. Your old friends are only going to try to drag you back into your old ways. It wasn’t easy for me either.  I did not have a big circle of friends but I knew I couldn’t resist the temptations of my old ways if I continued to hang around them.

  • Guard what your eyes see, your ears hear, and what your nose smells. Just like your old friends, you need to separate yourself from your old radio station.  Find a Christian station and stay there.  I didn’t say this was going to be easy but the results are so worthwhile.  The television comes next.  I’m not saying turn it off but you better think about what those eye gates are watching.  If you have been watching soap operas you need to switch to the Hallmark channel.  No sex scenes!  When I went through this, my television was broken.  And the nose?  If I asked you what pot smells like does your nose kick in and remind you of that burnt flavor.  I never did cocaine but I’m told it will make your nose run if you think about it long enough.
  • Begin a confession of Psalms and Proverbs. This means you have to say them out loud.  Based on what day of the month it is will determine what Psalms and Proverb you will read.  There are 150 Psalms and 31 Proverbs.  You will confess 5 Psalms a day with one Proverb.  You must read them out loud! 

As a man, the Proverbs were easy but the Psalms, not so much.  When an elder of the church I was going to, gave me these instructions.  I found myself cheating and not doing the psalms like I was supposed to.  One Friday night God really got my attention and I got the message, finally.  When God corrected me I sat down in my living room, as I was single, and I began to read Psalms like I never had before.  Out loud!  I didn’t get up, I didn’t even have a drink of water.  I sat on the floor and read.  I thought I could just start at Psalms 1 and finish the whole book at one sitting.  Boy, was I wrong.  Two hours later I was still sitting there and I finally ran out of gas. I couldn’t read anymore.  I lay down on the carpet, exhausted.

What happened next made me committed psalm reader.  As I lay on the carpet recuperating, a summer thunderstorm broke out.  The lighting from this storm was hitting the ground very close to my trailer but the rain hadn’t started yet.  All of a sudden I felt my body start trembling and shaking, then it would pass and start-up again and again.  This happened about six or seven times before it finally stopped.  I lay there a little while longer and got up and went to bed.  After this I never had a problem reading psalms anymore and to this day I still do it.  Do I do it every day?  No, but when God tells you to do something you better listen.  Read below for instructions on how to get started.  Stick with it.  It changed my life and it can change yours too.

                                          How to Confess Psalms

There are 150 Psalms in the bible.  You will need to read and confess five Psalms a day to be able to read them all in a month.  You can see from the chart that every time you read a Psalm will add 30 to get to the next one.  The keys to success are to read the Psalms and Proverb out loud.  Romans 10:17 says “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  The second key is to be consistent and read them everyday along with a Proverb for wisdom.  Remember, Psalms are for warfare and Proverbs are for wisdom.

The benefits of Reading Psalms are to put down your flesh and build up your spirit.  This exercise will help renew your mind.  It took about 6 months to really make a difference in my life.

Day 1              Read Psalm 1, 31, 61, 91, 121                        Proverb 1

Day 2              Read Psalm 2, 32, 62, 92, 122                        Proverb 2

Day 3               Read Psalm 3, 33, 63, 93, 123                       Proverb 3

Day 4              Read Psalm 4, 34, 64, 94, 124                        Proverb 4

Day 5              Read Psalm 5, 35, 65, 95, 125                        Proverb 5

Day 6              Read Psalm 6, 36, 66, 96, 126                        Proverb 6

Day 7              Read Psalm 7, 37, 67, 97, 127                        Proverb 7

Day 8              Read Psalm 8, 38, 68, 98, 128                        Proverb 8

Day 9              Read Psalm 9, 39, 69, 99, 129                        Proverb 9

Day 10             Read Psalm 10, 40, 70, 100, 130                   Proverb 10

Day 11            Read Psalm 11, 41, 71, 101, 131                    Proverb 11

Day 12            Read Psalm 12, 42, 72, 102, 132                     Proverb 12

Day 13            Read Psalm 13, 43, 73, 103, 133                     Proverb 13

Day 14            Read Psalm 14, 44, 74, 104, 134                     Proverb 14

Day 15            Read Psalm 15, 45, 75, 105, 135                     Proverb 15

Day 16            Read Psalm 16, 46, 76, 106, 136                     Proverb 16

Day 17            Read Psalm 17 , 47, 77, 107, 137                    Proverb 17

Day 18            Read Psalm 18, 48, 78, 108, 138                     Proverb 18

Day 19            Read Psalm 19, 49, 79, 109, 139                     Proverb 19

Day 20            Read Psalm 20, 50, 80, 110, 140                     Proverb 20

Day 21            Read Psalm 21, 51, 81, 111, 141                     Proverb 21

Day 22            Read Psalm 22, 52, 82, 112, 142                     Proverb 22

Day 23            Read Psalm 23, 53, 83, 113, 143                     Proverb 23

Day 24            Read Psalm 24, 54, 84, 114, 144                     Proverb 24

Day 25            Read Psalm 25, 55, 85, 115, 145                     Proverb 25

Day 26            Read Psalm 26, 56, 86, 116, 146                     Proverb 26

Day 27            Read Psalm 27, 57, 87,117, 147                      Proverb 27

Day 28            Read Psalm 28, 58, 88, 118, 148                    Proverb 28

Day 29            Read Psalm 29, 59, 89, 119, 149                    Proverb 29

Day 30            Read Psalm 30, 60, 90, 120, 150                    Proverb 30

Day 31            Read Psalm 119 or your favorite 5              Proverb 31