I was working on large project at a chemical plant and several techs, including myself, were checking out the instrumentation, which involved about 3,500 loops.  Each loop represented at least one instrument.  This AN unit had several tall columns that were as high as 300 feet.  We discovered an XV valve, was installed with the wrong ‘fail position’, on the very top of one of these large columns.  The valve was designed to fail ‘open’ with no power and had been installed as failed ‘close’.  The only way we knew how to fix the problem was to lift the actuator off the valve, which was very heavy, and reset the valve position.  It would take a large crane because of the height and weight of the actuator, which turned the valve open and closed, along with two technicians to guide it into place.  It was turning out to be a very costly mistake and it needed to be fixed as we neared start-up.

Early one morning God gave me a dream and showed me how to repair the valve with very little effort.  It would take one technician, a few hand tools, about an hour to complete the task.  When I got to work I told my co-workers of the dream and they said that “I took work way to seriously” but saw that the plan might just work.  I volunteered to climb the column and made the changes necessary to repair the fail position on this valve just as God had showed me in the dream.

As I’ve said before, I am nobody special and have a secular job just like many of you.  God is interested in being a part of your everyday life.  What He did for me He will do for you.  If you are a Believer and have made Jesus the Lord of your life, ask Him for wisdom on how to do your job and you will find that He is able and very willing to help.

If you’ve never asked Jesus to be Lord of your life.  Today can be that day.  Find a quiet place, get down on your knees and ask Him to save you.  Repent (turn away) of your sins and make Jesus the Lord of your life and tell Him you will serve no other.  The bible says that He will remember your sins no more.  He also says that He will put them as far as the East is from the West.  That’s a long ways.  Choose Jesus.  Choose life!